Ethical Hacking

Duration: 40 Hours

The Oracle Database allows you to store, update, and retrieve data quickly. The Oracle database is developed using Oracle software. The database is made up of physical and logical constructs that store information about the system, users, and controls.

Oracle, one of the most widely used database systems in the world, is used by some of the world’s largest corporations. Oracle offers revolutionary capabilities in many areas, including management, performance, security, and development, with many different Oracle database versions released.

Ethical Hacking Syllabus

  • M1: Introduction to Ethical Hacking
  • M2: Footprinting & Scanning
  • M3: Operating System Hacking
  • M4: Network Hacking & Security
  • M5: Data Backup and Recovery
  • M6: Website Hacking
  • M7: Sniffing
  • M8: Online Transaction Security
  • M9: Social Accounts Security
  • M10: Mobile Hacking
  • M11: Malware Threats & Protection
  • M12: Proxy Servers
  • M13: Software Cracking
  • M14: Cyber Law & Forensics
  • M15: Security Auditing
  • M1: Introduction to Penetration Testing
  • M2: Advance Footprinting & Scanning
  • M3: Networks VA & PT
  • M4: Software VA & PT
  • M5: Metasploit Framework
  • M6: Wireless Network VA & PT
  • M7: Malware Testing & Detection
  • M8: OWASP TOP 10
  • M9: Android VA & PT
  • M10: Web VA & PT
  • M11: Password Cracking PT
  • M12: DNS Scanning & Testing
  • M13: IOT & Cloud VA & PT
  • M14: IDS,Router,Switches
  • M15: Cryptography
  • M16: VAPT Reporting & Project

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